About Sphericam

Behind the scenes

About Sphericam

Sphericam Inc. was established in 2014 and has since grown into a formidable team dedicated to changing the VR landscape. Rooted deeply in the early pioneer community of 360º photo and video capture, we are converting over a decade of extensive experience into meticulously designed products to address real world production challenges. Sphericam embodies cutting edge 360º VR content capture tools ranging from prosumer to professional no compromise spherical cameras and software solutions for a variety of environments.

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What we do

Our first flagship product is the Sphericam 2, designed by and for professional videographers, followed by the Sphericam Beast to answer the pleading of the cinematic VR community. We pride ourselves in robustness, agility and versatility of the tools we offer to you, so no wonder the biggest global media, news, broadcasters, and creative agencies are establishing relationships with us. Industry veterans and newbies alike recognize the value of our work.

Why we do it

Arising from true 360º dedication by pioneers who have helped make the 360º space what it is becoming these days, we know our market like no one else, we know how to design product specs to solve actual problems and we have the skills to deliver the best hardware and software solutions out there. This drives us to improve and iterate our products with zeal and precision.

No compromise values

Exceptional Hardware Performance
Integrated Software Solutions
Empowering Capture Experience
Simplified Post Production