Sphericam Beast camera system

10-bit RAW 360º production power

No compromise large-format cinematic 360º video camera system at 6K, 60FPS and 10-bit RAW

Beast head

Large 1˝ sensors

Stunningly deep colors

FullHD live preview

Live stitched streaming

Physical features

Size: 5.9×5.9×11.8 inch camera head,

18.9x13x11.8 inch storage processing box,

12ft PCIe camera head connection cables

Number of lenses: 4 (190º fisheye; 190º VFOV~113º HFOV each for fully spherical capture)

Distance between adjacent lenses: 90º apart around the equator

Material of housing: anodized aluminum

Mounting: 2 standard ¾” mounts (top and bottom)

Buttons: Power start-stop, Recording start-stop, Control (shutter, analog and digital gain, white balance), Switch between batteries and power plug

Connectivity: 10 Gigabit Ethernet and optical cables (live streaming to the web or VR headset, file transfer etc.), HDMI (direct streaming to the built-in displays)

Storage: M.2 “hot storage “SSD drives and a possibility to later-on transferring the content to SATA SSD  “cold storage” drive

Battery: 4 V-Mount batteries (2-hours of usage)

Data features

Color depth: 10-bit RAW

Bit Rate to internal storage: 2.8 GBs (gigabytes per second)

File type: 10-bit RAW, convertible to Cinema DNG

PC/Mac application: basic video output adjustment controls, stitching for live stream (web or headset), file retrieval, conversion to Cinema DNG

Image sensors

Sensors: Four 1˝ sensors positioned as closely together as possible, for easier stitching

Shutter type: Rolling shutter

Resolution of each sensor: 4096×2160

Resolution of stitched panorama: 5780 x 2890

Frame rate: up to 60FPS (not stitched) RAW / 30FPS (stitched)

Want to see the Beast in action?




“Sphericam Beast can do what others can’t”


Amazing low light performance and stunningly deep colors

Due to our choice of 4 large 1”sensors in 10-bit RAW output, you will never wish for more light or more color again. This is why people call the Sphericam Beast camera system “truly cinematic”.



Real-time preview

No more putting your head where the camera is to see what you’re capturing. To ease on site production workflows we built in four live preview 5-inch FullHD display (one for each sensor) onto the storage processing part of the Sphericam Beast camera system also showing mode, chosen settings, remaining disk space, duration of the recording, countdown timer and battery status.



Live stitched streaming to the web or headsets

The Sphericam Beast camera allows you to stream live stitched video at 4K@30FPS, providing clear image with no delay to the computer. From there on, the world is your oyster.

Small Parallax for easy stitching

We took great care to position the Sphericam Beast camera system sensors as closely together as humanly possible. The recorded capture was designed to be easily stitchable and compatible with Sphericam’s as well as with all the other third party stitching solutions.




Standardized structure

The Sphericam Beast camera system uses industry standard solutions (XLR for power, Ethernet for transfer, PCIe camera head connection cables, V-Mount batteries and M.2 SSDs) so you can use backup equipment readily available anywhere, even in your own storage.



On camera controls

Use the dedicated buttons on the camera storage processing box if you don’t have the computer nearby to set your operation in motion: Shutter control (from 1/60 to 1/10000 of the second), Analog gain / ISO (from +0dB to +27dB), Digital gain (+0db / +6dB / +12dB / +18dB for fine tuning low light performance) and Setting White balance by picking one sensor to measure light in the environment and set correct white balance automatically applied to all sensors. And, no more need for cutting first 5 seconds of the reel as the Start/stop recording control has a 10sec delay option built in, so you can easily move away from the camera in time to avoid being in the sequence.