Sphericam 2 camera

Professional Plug&Play 360º Video Camera

No compromise fully spherical professional 360º video camera at 4K, 60FPS, stitched or RAW

Sphericam 2

Full Synchronization

60 Frames Per Second

4K High Resolution

In-camera stitching

Physical features

Size: 77mm diameter

Number of lenses: 6

Distance between adjacent lenses: 45mm

Weight: 420g

Material of housing: anodized aluminum

Mounting: 8 standard ¼” mounts for max. flexibility

Buttons: Power start-stop Recording, Wifi on-off

Connectivity: Wifi, USB-C, General 8 pin port RS422

GPS: Yes

IMU: Yes

Storage: 6x microSD card (accessible as a single module, removable)

Microphones: 4

Water resistance: splash proof

Battery: 4X CR123A 3.6V 650mAh = 2600mAh (30-60 min usage)

Data features

Color depth: 8, 10, 12 bit

Bit Rate to internal storage: 1200Mbps (megabits per second)

Bit rate over USB-C (Live Streaming): up to 600Mb/sec (megabits per second); up to 30FPS stitched RAW, MJPEG, or H.264

Type of compression: Motion Jpeg (MJPEG) or Cinema DNG at up to 600Mbps (remember, no compromise); h.264 up to 150Mbps

PC/Mac application: Trim video, stitch video, convert raw files, playback stitched video, monitor recording live video (stitched or unstitched)

iOS/Android app: Configure camera, monitor recording live video (stitched or unstitched), playback

Image sensors

Shutter type: ⅓” Global shutter

Resolution of each sensor: 1280 x 960

Resolution of stitched panorama: 4096 x 2048

Frame rate: up to 60FPS (not stitched) RAW / 30FPS (stitched)

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“Sphericam can do what others can’t”


Fully synchronized

Sphericam 2 is a single integrated camera. It’s six sensors are completely synchronized in every way. Exposure and white balance are also synchronized across all 6 sensors, providing an optimal video image for stitching. Camera’s 1/3 inch global shutter sensor is highly rated in peak quantum efficiency, sensitivity, and low noise. The global shutter technology allows perfect capture of every pixel instantaneously, with zero focal plane distortion, no rolling shutter effect, and zero jello effects.



Easy to use

Sphericam 2 can be configured, monitored and controlled while connected via USB to the desktop application or connected wirelessly via mobile app. Post production is simplified with custom made stitching software, enabling automatic real time stitched output that is ready for sharing.



Tiny and designed for action

Sphericam 2 turns heads even before it’s turned on. Its breathtaking crystalline shape has been sculpted from anodised aluminium, letting you give it tough love during your adventures. And with a host of mounting options, there are many ways to hold (and behold) this camera. So whether it’s happening behind your back, under your feet or over your head, it’s all happening on your baseball sized Sphericam.

Awesome at any rate

The world doesn’t move in slow motion, and neither will you. Your experience must be captured now and Sphericam 2 is ready to break some rules. High 4K raw resolution is captured with the 6 individual sensor feeds at 60FPS, which is the best quality for post production oriented shoots. The realtime stitched panoramic video can be captured at up to 30FPS, in either raw or compressed formats and checked for immediate review without any post production required. This saves 360 post production time and costs during rehearsals and test shots.




Live streaming

If you want to use Sphericam 2 for many hours in a row without worrying it will overheat or shut down, that’s possible! The camera and software push a 4K pre stitched 30FPS h/264 equirectangular 360 degree tagged live stream to a stream that can be configured to send up to 100mbits, which makes it is compatible with all RTMP 360 media streaming services.



VR ready

With WiFi and streaming baked right in, viewing and sharing content on your smartphone and desktop is a breeze. Our mobile app allows you to start/stop recording, monitor the view, while recording, transfer, view, edit and spread instant VR-love.

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