What is 360VR? - Sphericam V2

What is 360VR?

What is 360VR?

360 degree, or Spherical Video is classified as 360 VR or Virtual Reality Video

You can find that both Facebook and YouTube now support these videos, which allow you to look around in any direction while the video is playing. The unique format that these videos require are meant for high end goggles as the viewing device. Currently most of them are watched on YouTube or Facebook via their 2D screen controls.  This version of watching 360 VR is the most accessible and therefore the most used.  Google has helped 360 VR Videos become more accessible by creating Google Cardboard. Goggles are expensive and Google Cardboard is a cardboard set of VR goggles anyone can afford.  Most of the challenges for 360 Video are going to be about getting more headsets in use. Google has made that challenge much less of a hurdle. They can be credited with bringing VR to the masses first.  We could talk for hours about viewers and goggles for 360 degree video, but first you are probably asking, how are they made? What does the camera look like? How is it processed to be interactive?

360 Video is simply video taken in every direction (360 degrees spherical) and then played back in a set of goggles to immerse the viewer in the video

Immersion is the key here, as it is the goal of every 360 Video production.  The challenge is to immerse your viewers to a point where their brain believes that they are there where the camera was filming. This is done in several ways, at the same time.  First, you have the optical stimulation of the goggles and then there are headphones and audio as well.  If the frame rate and resolution are high enough, and the audio mimics sound in a 360 world (360 degree spacial audio), you can immerse your viewer for a short time.  Then it is up to your viewer’s mind and the content they are experiencing. You cannot force the mind to be immersed, but you can coax it there wit the right senses stimulated to the right levels.